About us


Hey there! Some of you might know us already from all the email and Instagram messages. Here we are! On the left you see Daniel Kuczminski and on the right Pascal Ubrig! Together we are Squeezebar.

Long story short...

I (Daniel Kuczminski) was looking for more efficient exercises for me and my clients as a fitness coach & sports scientist in Frankfurt/Germany. 

For many of the upper body exercises, there’s a lot of untapped potential to involve more muscle fiber of the same muscle within sets and grow them bigger. And I was curious what’s the best way to achieve that.

So I started building my first prototypes, getting help from engineers and fitness experts on how to create the ultimate upper body workout tool I wish I discovered earlier.

One day, the Squeezebar was born.

Sharing this invention with other athletes, they loved the pump they got and I decided to share some training videos online using the Squeezebar in their workout regimen.

I put a video on social media and overnight it got millions of views and thousands of comments from people asking where they can buy the Squeezebar.

I found a high quality manufacturer in Germany that produces the Squeezebar in order to supply all gyms worldwide.

The Squeezebar is a handmade engeneering masterpiece. High quality, performance and aesthetic design is what I love!  

My childhood friend Pascal Ubrig on the right helped me out! We decided to get together and continue the journey as a team. 

Our mission is to build a brand, bring people together and to figure out more exercises to build strength and coordination the world haven't seen yet.