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The Squeezebar Lite is your ultimate upper body workout tool, meticulously crafted for enhancing shoulders, back, chest and arm exercises. Unlike traditional barbells, it offers an expanded range of motion and versatility.

With a compact size and a comfortable weight of 9 kg, the Squeezebar Lite provides the perfect balance of challenge and ease, making it ideal for targeted upper body training sessions.

Manufactured in Germany with the highest quality standards and assembled by hand, the Squeezebar Lite has already established itself. Its robust construction and meticulous craftsmanship ensure durability and reliability.

The elegant design of the Squeezebar Lite, featuring a sleek black finish with striking silver emblem caps, gives it a timeless aesthetic. It seamlessly blends into any workout environment, adding an appealing touch.

For a complete upper body workout experience, we highly recommend the Squeezebar Lite and Squeezebar Pro Elegance as a set.


Technical Specifications:

Length: 1600mm | 62,99 in.
Weight: 9kg | 19,84 lbs
Spindle Diameter: 25mm | 0,98 in.
Spindle Length: 1095 mm | 43,11 in.
Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm | 1.97 in.
Loadable Sleeve Length: 260 mm | 10,23 in.
Max. Load: 100 kg | 220,46 lbs


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    Elevate Your Space
    Elevate Your Fitness
    Elevate Your Space
    Elevate Your Fitness
    Elevate Your Space
    Elevate Your Fitness


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