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Designed forFunctional training, high repetition  

Manufactured: Made in Germany

Perfected Rotation: Designed for smooth and controlled rotation under load

Knurling: Balanced grip for a secure hold on the handles


Experience Unparalleled Performance and Precision with the Squeezebar Lite, the Perfect Companion to the Pro Elegance.

Introducing the Squeezebar Lite, the little brother of the Elegance, designed to provide exceptional performance and precision in a compact form. Its smaller grip diameter ensures a perfect fit in your hand, allowing for enhanced control and comfort during your workouts.

Built with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as its counterpart, the Squeezebar Lite embodies the essence of motion, art, and design. Its sleek and elegant appearance seamlessly blends with its high-quality construction, guaranteeing a fitness tool that stands the test of time.

Engage in a wide range of upper body exercises with confidence, as the Squeezebar Lite's precision engineering ensures smooth and controlled movements.

Made in Germany with the utmost dedication to quality, the Squeezebar Lite is a testament to excellence in fitness equipment. Its durability and reliability make it the perfect companion for your fitness journey, allowing you to focus on reaching your goals.



Lenght: 1600mm / 62,99 in.
Weight: 9kg / 19,84 lbs 
Spindle Diameter: 25mm / 0,98 in. 
Spindle lenght: 1095mm / 43,11 in.  
Loadable Sleeve Lenght: 260mm / 10,23 in.
Max. Load: 100kg /  220,46 lbs
Bearings and Bushings: Needle bearings 
Handles: Ball bearings
Handel surface: steel


Elevate Your Space
Elevate Your Fitness
Elevate Your Space
Elevate Your Fitness
Elevate Your Space
Elevate Your Fitness


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